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It pains me, like trying to swim when I’m too tired.

I set out with good intentions, innocent,

But now, in the middle of the deep, I’m mired.

Struggling to keep my head up.

Not because there’s anything wrong per se,

But your current pulls me out.

Your Goddamn smile disarms me, gets my heart fired.

And other things; other thoughts too,

Irrelevant, I know, and I feel like a fool.

Don’t wanna scare you; drive you away,

But my head is full of doubt,

Because I know myself, and it makes me wanna shout.

No expectation, no chains to keep you down.

Wouldn’t wanna change you, or ever make you frown.

I prob’ly’l never tell you ‘bout this,

Unless you read it’n know.

Sorry I like you so much.

Gonna get my shit together’n go.

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