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A Living Sketchbook

Expanding on the idea of a sketchbook, I'm excited to start posting regularly, as a means of documenting my artistic life. I've always struggled with the notion of a portfolio, because I've always felt like I'm omitting the vastly diverse range of my work.

Like all artists, i'm more than a brand. I'm more than a single message or style, and I'm really glad that through this addition to my website, people will be able to see the depth and breadth of my creative process.


I'm a Queer Comic Activist and Illustrator!

​I'm a gay man living in the Pacific northwest that is SUPER passionate about Art and how it can impact people on a deeper level than any other form of communication can. I love creating provocative images that have an immediate impact, and draw people in, to consider things they may not have thought about otherwise.

I LOVE comics, graphic storytelling, and editorial imagery. My focus is on graphic realism merging into surrealism, and of course, LGBTQ topics and Social issues in general.

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